Fri 13 Jul 2018 08:41

"West Cheshire Women's Touch Rugby Winners 2018...……………….still hard to comprehend!. 

The Caldy Cougars story began back in April 2017 with an informal conversation during one of the Caldy Business Breakfast Meeting with Will Gardner, of Rugby Tots Wirral.  "Can't believe Caldy don't have Women's touch team, how come?".  This conversation quickly followed by an invite from Colin Bunting to pop along and watch the ladies at Oldershaw train and see 'what its all about'.

After asking a few mums at the U7's training session one Sunday afternoon, it soon became apparent there was actually quite a lot of interest.. The following Wednesday about 6 of us turned up to watch.  We were then invited by the ladies to come along the following week to train with them to get a feel for the game, this time about 12 turned up.  

And so the Cougars were born. We managed to persuade a willing volunteer Gary Barwick, to coach us temporarily and teach us to catch and throw a rugby ball correctly!  From the start the numbers who turned up each Tuesday night were impressive, regularly getting 18 ladies every week.  Although skills were taught during the sessions, the focus really was about fitness and having fun.  

As the months went by, we lost a few players (mainly in the winter months!) but then gained a few and we all started to understand the game a little more and improved our basic skills.  Following a hugely successful recruitment drive earlier this year, we now have over 25 players who turn up for training each week.

So 15 months on,  Caldy Cougars have a trophy, a gang of amazing women, active social scene and not forgetting two awsome coaches, Mark Rainer and Mark Dean who quite frankly have the patience of saints!

It's pretty ironic that we started the Cougars journey at Oldershaw and 15 months later we were lifting a trophy there!"

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