Tue 09 Oct 2018 11:33

Ladies and gentlemen of Caldy Sports Club,


In advance of the Annual General Meeting of the Sports Club on the 15th October, a short note to set out the vision which is shared by a number of key people within our club, of how we need to take the club forward to ensure its survival for coming generations.


It doesn’t matter whether your sport is rugby, cricket or hockey. It doesn’t matter if you are a player, a parent or a supporter. You are all part of Caldy Sports Club and what happens at the AGM should be important to you.


Many of you are aware that the Sports Club is in financial difficulty and you may well have formed opinions as to why that is. By all means hold onto those opinions although let’s not bring them to the AGM as this will only detract from the main purpose of the meeting which is agreeing the right way forward.


A new structure will be proposed that will include Gary Devaney, Jed Bartley and Jon Bagley. Gary and Jon are former rugby club captains, former rugby club chairmen and rugby VP’s.  Jed is the current rugby chairman, and has managed age group rugby at Caldy for a generation.

Jed has agreed to stand as Chairman of Caldy Sports Club and will work alongside Jon on the active management of things with Gary taking the lead linking in with the rugby sponsors and wider members.


The new Executive committee being established will also draw from members who have current relevant business skills to take the club forward as well as cricket, hockey and rugby membership with everyone having clearly defined roles.


The vision is simple. We will:-


Structure the club so that recovery is possible in the short term and so that a legacy can be left that is easily adopted and managed by our membership in the long term.

Improve the management processes so that the commercial side of the Sports club operates at a profit.

Engage the entire membership so that they will be a major part of the success of the club.

Explore options and move forward with the improvement of the facilities that will, in turn, create more income streams.


The AGM is your opportunity to hear and discuss the proposals. It is also an opportunity to have your opinion on the way forward.


Gary, Jed and Jon cannot change things on their own. There are many of you and we all need to move forward together. Many of you are members because your children play sport at Caldy. If you want them to continue doing this and if you want their children to have the same opportunities then it is important we all take responsibility for our club.


Look forward to a positive debate at the AGM and hope to see as many of you there as can make it.

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