Mon 24 Sep 2018 15:14

Chester v Caldy U14 match report - Sunday September 16th, 2018

Our first fixture of the season and, traditionally one of the most competitive, was played on the first team synthetic pitch at Chester. As both teams are still adjusting to playing a full 15 a side game and the introduction of line outs and other new laws, the decision was made to play 4 quarters so that everyone of the 50 or so lads could get adequate game time.

First score went to Chester on the left wing, quick hands along the backs. Conversion missed.

Chester 5 - 0 Caldy

Next score to Chester again but this time out to the right wing. Caldy's defence out wide will need some looking at. Conversion missed.

Chester 10 - 0 Caldy

Caldy then get on the score sheet. Quick ball from the scrum fed to flyhalf Aamon who ran through the defence from the half way line. Conversion missed.

Chester 10 - 5 Caldy

Chester then replied with a back row pick and drive from a 5m scrum. Conversion missed.

Chester 15 - 5 Caldy

Caldy went back up the pitch and from a driving maul Buster drove over for the try. Conversion missed.

Chester 15 - 10 Caldy

From Chester's next scrum they fed to the centre on the blind side who crossed over for the try. Conversion missed.

Chester 20 - 10 Caldy

Caldy then scored a breakaway try through Sam McGivern from his own half. Conversion successful!

Chester 20 - 17 Caldy

Sam collected his brace crossing over on the left wing. Conversion successful.

Chester 20 - 24 Caldy

By now we'd got to the last quarter of the session and Chester went on to score three more tries, two of which were converted with no reply.

Final score: Chester 39 - 24 Caldy.

A very even matchup until the last quarter where Chester's stronger scrum and quicker support play eventually made the difference. Lots of players got valuable game time on an enjoyable morning of rugby.

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