Tue 16 Feb 2021 13:19

For all uf youwho enjoyed the last Quiz!! here is Round 2- All the answers are teams we have played (over the years)!!

  1. Is this what what cartoon Ralph does?
  2. Involved in a very heavy conflict.
  3. Can't see the bottom of this stream
  4. A vegetable Cuninary requirement for some putting surfaces
  5. Where the out of order old England dentist works (the Whole Answer!!)
  6. Ohhh hhhhhhhhhhh!!! .....That's a relief!!!???
  7. How they flattened one of our oldest living chewing Insects.
  8. Noah's son on later life.
  9. Sounds like you've left the shapemaker
  10. What you should do at home in the winter.
  11. These old Hags were put in a hole.
  12. Tidy Paper work
  13. Spike Milligan???
  14. Decrepit neighbours from the Adriatic
  15. You're shouting at a big puddle.
  16. Surely these ancient carriers are too heavy to float
  17. Luton Supporters on Drugs??? (one for the older players
  18. Sounds Like this boxer is ending up with Darjeeling!
  19. A thousand confused weepers.
  20. Has someone set fire to this grassland...forgive the diction!!!

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