Wed 09 Oct 2019 20:56

1 Derek Salisbury One of the strongest props I’ve played with and was only just out of shorts at the time
2 Paul Feely Have to go for me, as this is my team
3 Maffa Green Solid platform and great hands in open play, great fun after the game
4 Richard Bradshaw Ariel domination, easy to hit and dynamic
5 John Bagley (c) In my eyes best Captain I’ve ever played under, gave 100%
6 Gareth Bansor Absolute work horse, loved chasing fly half’s and cars
7 Jake Lyon Big hard hitting no BS flanker with great hands
8 Sam Dickinson Sam’s a monster with pace and a good rugby brain, easily makes the cut
9 Carl Porschke Only person in the team I can be taller than
10 Simon Mason Prolific goal kicker and true gentleman, skipped tackle practice
11 Liam Devaney The Rat makes the team, had pace ran into support and can’t remember him losing the ball
12 Matt Pennington True hard hitting chatterbox, knocker would either flatten his opposite number or bore him to death
13 Marcus Coast Coastie could turn defence into offence class player
14 John Close Pure gas wicked side step, razor sharp tongue
15 Chris Young Token strawberry blonde, safe hands, could hit lines and score try’s

6 Subs:
Jack Parker (Utility Front Row / Back - JP still going strong, amazing round the park)
Pete Wallace (Utility Forward - Tough as nails, loved playing with Pete RIP mate)
Duncan Hendry (Great engine, would start a fight then blame the ref for throwing the first punch)
Matt Bennett (Scrum Half with good wit - too good looking for his own good)
Loa Tupou - (No 8 - Absolute Monster, never took a backward step, game changer)
Ben Wylie (Utility Back - fast full back great hands, solid at the back)

Others who could easily feature:

Paul White
Twins - Paul & Andy White
Pete Melody
Paul McDonald
Ben Mclaughlin
Graham Birch
Dave Mercer
Kev Green
Ben Lyon
Craig Ross
Andy Wise
Ian Murray
Matt Allen
Matt Lamming
Gavin Kerr
Matt Holt

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